Historical Architectural Drawings


At the stage when architects or their clients need an accurate portrait of their buildings-to-be, renderers, also called delineators or architectural illustrators, who are often architects themselves, are employed for their special skills.

Architectural drawings function both to describe and entice. Used to sell a project and therefore critical to the success of a firm, they are often beautiful artworks on their own. Unlike most other types of drawings, architectural drawings are not pictures of existing things, but realistic portrayals of complex ideas.

With computers now commonplace in architectural practice, historical architectural drawings in pencil, pen, and watercolor are increasingly valued as compelling art and windows onto the past. Historical architectural drawings are included in the collections of major art museums worldwide.

Design for the Stockholm International Exposition of 1930 Fine Arts Building Architectural Drawing J.O. Brown 1866 Architectural Drawing
Paul Cret Architectural Drawing Deskey - House at Mill Nedk thumbnail image of Store and Memorial by Blackburn and Charlot, Architects
thumbnail of Study for the Third Judicial Court House and Prison thumbnail of The Bank of North America by James Windrim thumbnail of Proposed Treatment of the Cocktail Bar, The Margaret Estates Ltd. by Liberty & Co., London
thumbnail link to Lehigh drawings thumbnail of unidentified bank or government building by Paul Philippe Cret thumbnail image of Design for Equipment and Decoration, Bank of Menasha (Wisconsin) by Niedecken Walbridge Company
thumbnail image of Neo-Classical Interior by the Herter Brothers thumbnail of American Institute Plan for Hall of Industry by Alexander Jacksin Davis thumbnail of Emigrant Station Ellis Island initialed E.S.
thumbnail of Unidentified New York Building by Wald & Willauer, Architects thumbnail image of Trolley Terminal, Baltimore by Baldwin & Pennington, Architects thumbnail image of Hotel in Cuba by Holabird and Roche, Architects with G. Palmer Graves
Candela Design for an Apartment Complex thumbnail of the Studebaker Fine Arts Building by Solon S. Bemen thumbnail image of Gay Street Car House, Baltimore by Simonson and Pietsch, Architects
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