Gil Batle


Hatched in Prison:
The Art of Gil Batle

Gil Batle. Age 53. Born and raised in San Francisco to Filipino parents, in and out of five different California prisons over 20 years for fraud and forgery, now living on a small island in the Philippines. Batle’s self-taught drawing ability evolved behind bars into sophisticated and clandestine tattooing skills that protected him from murderous gang violence in prisons such as San Quentin, Chuckawalla, and Jamestown—"Gladiator School,” as it’s known to the unfortunate cognoscenti. Where Bloods, Crips, and Aryan Brotherhood gang-bangers in racially segregated cell-blocks rule with intimidation and threat, Batle’s facility for drawing was considered magic by the murderers, drug dealers, and armed robbers whose stories he now recounts in minutely carved detail on fragile ostrich egg shells. With only the men’s names, as he says, “changed to protect the guilty.” Read more...



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Hatched in Prison


Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art
Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art
Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art
Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art Gil Batle Art
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