Propaganda Kimono
Boy's Kimono  |  Silk  |  32 x 30"

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Propaganda Kimono

Printing on the origami battle-helmet made from the "Osaka Asahi Evening Edition", Osaka Asahi shinbun yukan, in this highly complex design, describes an actual incident from Showa 12 (1938) when Japanese Commander Nishizumi was killed in the battle of Nanking and posthumously honored as a gunshin, or "Military God." The words gunshin Nishizumi appear in the small triangle on the right side of the hat. The event was later dramatized and in 1940 turned into a film - Nishizumi Senshacho - Den, "The Story of Tank Commander Nishizumi."

Also noted is Aiba shingun-ka, "Beloved Horse Marching Song", which was published in 1938, and the words Rikugun-sho sentei, "A selection by the Japanese Ministry of War." Next to the song title are the names of its singers, the Korean, Nagata Gengiro (1909 - 1973), and Nagato Miho (1911 - 1994).

News of the Grand Spring Sumo tournament, Ozumo haru, also appears as does the winner of the 1937 event, Futubayama.